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Todd Kinsey
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Is President Obama a Christian or Muslim?
By: Todd Kinsey
Monday - August 16, 2010
Todd Kinsey
Why is it that President Obama felt compelled to publicly support the Mosque at Ground Zero? Could it
be the same reason that the
first interview he granted as president was to the Muslim news
organization El Al Arabiya?

Although the president claims to be a Christian; why has he canceled
The National Day of Prayer
ceremonies at the White House his first two years in office? Could it be for the same reason that he
bowed before the king of Saudi Arabia? He didn't feel compelled to bow to the Queen of England; why
is that? No American president should ever bow before another world leader, period!

Why did he choose to become a member of Black Liberation Theologist,
Jeremiah Wright’s church?
Black Liberation Theology openly espouses Marxist theory throughout it teachings and Wright’s Trinity
United is often cited as the pinnacle of this theology. Perhaps this would explain why then Senator
Obama would chose to slam the Bible a speech given in 2008.

Despite the President’s assertion that America is not a Christian nation, the facts don’t support his
rhetoric. Depending on the
source, at least three-quarters of American’s identify themselves as
Christian while less than one percent is Muslim. You would think, someone with the pedigree of
Barack Obama would understand that the Ten Commandments are the foundation for our legal
system. Maybe he was sick the day they taught that at law school.

So why is it that the president of an overwhelmingly Christian nation goes out of his way to support the
right of Muslim’s to build a Mosque at the site where more than 3,000 Americans were murdered by
cowardly, radical, Islamic jihadists? At best it shows incredibly poor judgment; and at worst, it brings
into question the president’s patriotism and religious affiliation. Is he really a Christian? Or is he a

Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam behind the Mosque has serious questions about his background with
to CAIR and Hamas. Rauf is also an advocate of bringing Muslim Sharia Law to the United States.
Sharia Law is extremely oppressive, especially to women, and has been in the news quite a bit lately.

In New Jersey,
Judge Joseph Charles supported a man’s right to rape and torture his wife citing his
right to Sharia Law (fortunately that judge’s decision has since been overturned). Last week there was
the story of a pregnant Afghan woman who was
brutally flogged 200 times before being shot in the
head three times for allegedly having an affair. Two weeks ago,
Time Magazine featured a cover story
about an Afghan woman who was enslaved and tortured, then had her nose and ears cut off by the
Taliban. Why is Mr. Rauf advocating for Sharia Law in the United States? More importantly, why aren't
the president and women’s groups up in arms over this?

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Rauf made disparaging remarks in the wake of 9-11 stating that “the
attacks were a reaction against the U.S. Government politically, where we espouse principles of
democracy and human rights, yet ally ourselves with oppressive regimes in many of these countries. U.
S. policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.” What Radical countries are you speaking of
Mr. Rauf? Israel?

Now we learn that our
State Department is funding a trip, at taxpayer expense, for this man of extremely
questionable character to visit several Middle Eastern countries under the auspices of a trip to educate
Muslim’s on the role of religion in America. Many people believe that Rauf is actually going on a fund
raising trip because he’s having a difficult time raising capital for the project in America. Estimates put
the cost of the Mosque at $100 million. Maybe the president can have congress pass another stimulus
bill during the lame duck session to fund the construction costs (I hope I didn't give them an idea).

Americans don’t have a problem with Muslim’s or their right to construct mosques or to practice their
faith. What we have a problem with is radical Muslims such as Rauf and his choice to build a mosque
where so many Americans were brutally murdered. We consider it a slap in the face and I guarantee
that Rauf chose this location to be just that.  What better way for radical jihadists to glorify their greatest
blow against The Great Satan than to construct a mosque atop the site where so many innocent
Americans spilled their blood.

God help us...


Todd Kinsey is leading the conservative revolution to defend the Constitution, protect liberty, and defeat liberalism.
He is a proud veteran of the US Army, serves as the President of the Galveston County Young Republicans, is
active in the Republican Network, the Galveston County Republican Party, and the Clear Lake Republicans. He is
also contributing writer to The GOP Journal, The and The Coastal Conservative. Todd has
appeared on several radio talk shows and publishes his own website: He is also an active
member of the community where he has coached several championship baseball teams but most importantly,
Todd is a devoted husband and the proud father of two teenage sons.

To arrange guest appearances or speaking engagements, you can contact him by email:  
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