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Todd Kinsey
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Obama is hell bent on destroying America's energy production
By: Todd Kinsey
Wednesday - August 18, 2010
Todd Kinsey
While most people have spent the last few days focused on the Ground Zero Mosque, the Obama
administration has taken dramatic steps to further damage America’s energy production.

In a
report released Monday, the administration announced that all offshore drilling permits will now be
subject to an environmental review and puts and an end to the 30 day decision process set forth in the
National Environmental Policy Act.

At first glance you would think that this is a logical decision in the wake of the BP oil spill. However, the
report states that between 1971 and 1995 there have been more than 24,000 wells drilled in the Gulf of
Mexico, of which, 901 were deep water wells in excess of 1,000 feet and NO blowouts have occurred.
The BP oil spill while tragic appears to be something of an anomaly especially compared to other data
in the report.

The report also sites the Deepwater EA Analysis which looked at all sources of blowouts worldwide
and concluded that blowouts occur on average of 7 per 1,000 well starts, of which, only 21% resulted in
any loss of oil or synthetic fluid. Obviously the standards in the United States appear to be far superior
to those being used elsewhere around the world. What should really be looked at is BP’s atrocious
safety record rather than penalizing the American oil companies that are doing things in accordance
with industry standards.

Furthermore, the United States has hampered itself by restricting major amounts of our vast energy
reserves. As the
Heritage Foundation points out “access to 85 percent of federally controlled offshore
areas has been restricted, including the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, portions of the areas off the shores
of Alaska, and the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Estimates vary regarding the amount of energy in these
areas, but it is likely enough to add stability to energy markets and make a real difference in oil and
natural gas prices for years to come. According to a recent Department of the Interior study, restricted
offshore areas contain an estimated 19 billion barrels of oil and 84 trillion cubic feet of gas.”

When you couple these capricious decisions with the administration’s plans to
seize millions of acres
of energy rich, privately held land, America’s ability to produce energy will be even further restricted. In
doing so, the administration will cause us to become even more dependent on foreign oil. And even
more likely, this is a backdoor mechanism to drive up energy prices and push us further towards
Obama’s dream of a green economy which will “necessarily result in skyrocketing energy prices” as
the president likes to say. Regardless of how you look at it, the administration appears to be hell bent
on destroying America’s energy production.

See you in the trenches...


Todd Kinsey is leading the conservative revolution to defend the Constitution, protect liberty, and defeat liberalism.
He is a proud veteran of the US Army, serves as the President of the Galveston County Young Republicans, is
active in the Republican Network, the Galveston County Republican Party, and the Clear Lake Republicans. He is
also contributing writer to The GOP Journal, The and The Coastal Conservative. Todd has
appeared on several radio talk shows and publishes his own website: He is also an active
member of the community where he has coached several championship baseball teams but most importantly,
Todd is a devoted husband and the proud father of two teenage sons.

To arrange guest appearances or speaking engagements, you can contact him by email:  
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