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I just finished reading Ayn Rand’s, The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution which is a compilation of articles she wrote in the late sixties and early seventies. In these articles she takes dead aim at the drug induced hippie movement and dissects them with her unique philosophy, objectivism.  While she was recounting the debauchery and horrors of Woodstock, I was left wondering; did America’s greatest generation give birth to America’s worst generation?


Tom Brokaw coined the term for those who came of age during the Great Depression and then went on to fight in World War II in his book America’s Greatest Generation. There have been several great generations in America’s relatively short but storied past and arguing which one is the best is not my intention here.


While reading the book I scribbled the following note on my bookmark (I always use a 3×5 card for a bookmarks so I can scribble notes to myself): America’s greatest generation may have prevented the world from speaking German but they gave birth to a generation of lost souls who aim to impose the same kind of tyranny on the world.


When you look at the psychology behind it, it’s easy to see how this happened. You had a generation that grew up under very Spartan circumstances. Jobs were scarce, the economy was in a shambles, and many Americans had no idea where there next meal was going to come from (sounds familiar). Then we were sucker-punched by Japan ushering us into World War II which was bound to happen sooner or later given that our merchant ships were under constant attack by German U-boats but I digress.


Anyone that is a parent knows that you hope to give your children more than you had and I am sure this generation was no different. America’s greatest generation grew up in abject poverty immediately followed by the horror of war. After returning home, settling down, and beginning their own families; is it unreasonable to believe that many of these parents coddled their children and gave them everything on a silver platter so they would not have to know the suffering they endured?


Of course its not, and thus we have the first generation born with an entitlement mentality ingrained in their collective DNA. We all know this generation as the baby boomers. They have been running the country for the last few decades and have never met a social program that they didn’t like. Rather than heed the story of the squirrel and the chipmunk to prepare and save, the baby boomers simply legislated themselves a taxpayer funded retirement with healthcare benefits.


I know it’s wrong to paint an entire generation with such a broad brush. I am sure, that much like today, the hippies made up a relatively small portion of the population. According to a Gallup poll, just over twenty-percent consider themselves to be liberal. When you look at the graph, the line has been relatively flat for nearly twenty-years; therefore, it’s safe to assert that the hippies were also a small portion of the population.


These spoiled brats have nearly bankrupted our country both financially and morally. Now that subsequent generations (who are responsible for paying the bill for all the damage they’ve caused) are trying to fix the mess they have made, the liberals are throwing the mother of all temper tantrums.


The socialists are holding their ridiculous protests and storming banks as if they are somehow the cause for their reckless behavior. It is imperative that our recently elected officials stick to their guns and not cave to the pressure of the vocal minority. I urge you to take a few minutes each week to let your representatives know how you feel otherwise the only voice they hear is that of the opposition.


Before you know it the 2012 election cycle will be upon us. It will be incumbent upon us to continue fighting the good fight. Make no mistake about it the next election will be the most contentious in our nation’s history. The gloves will come off and we are in for the fight of our lives. The socialist left has hundreds of organizations, made up of paid employees, whose sole purpose is to campaign and I assure you they are preparing for battle.


The liberal socialists control nearly every print media outlet and all but one television network. Hell, they even have one organization, Media Matters whose sole purpose is to wage “guerilla war” on Fox News.


Make no mistake about it, the conservative movement does not have the infrastructure that the left has. You will hear from the enemy that the Republicans are the money party but don’t believe the propagandists. Obama raised nearly three times as much as John McCain in the last election and team Obama is already on record stating that they plan to spend a billion-dollars on his re-election campaign.


Let’s get ready to rumble…


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