Democrats want to shred the Constitution, the border war heats up, Ron Paul introduces bill to legalize marijuana, and will Rick Perry run for president

Democrats want to shred the Constitution - By:

Each passing week seems to bring with it events that seem even more unbelievable than the week before. Whether it was Louis Farrakhan calling the president a murderer or NBC purposefully leaving out “under God” from the pledge of allegiance during its telecast of the U.S. Open golf tournament. You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it with your own two eyes.

Even here in the great state of Texas we are seeing liberals become even more emboldened. A Judge in Corpus Christi convicted a woman of injury to a child for spanking her own child with an open hand which did not leave any bruises. Judge Jose Longoria chastised her “you do not spank children today!” before sentencing her to five years probation.

Presidential candidate and Texas Representative Ron Paul is co-sponsoring legislation with Barney Frank to legalize marijuana. Stranger bedfellows you would not meet.

In case you missed my article at the Patriot Statesman, white children are now the minority in the United States. Furthermore, the Census Bureau predicts that whites will be the minority population in America by 2042. Furthermore, in the five states that share a border with Mexico, Latino children have been the majority population for the past few years.

Senator John McCain was hammered by the leftist media this week when he asserted that the wild fires in Arizona were started by illegals operating along the border. It seems as if Senator McCain has finally sprouted a pair after he learned that he had been a media puppet all those years before his failed presidential run.

For the second time in two weeks heavily armed Mexican troops have crossed the U.S. border. According to Fox News El Paso the soldiers appear to be helping smugglers cross the border. Yet our president and homeland security department do nothing. Their only answer was to sell arms to these hostile insurgents. It is sickening when you realize that our government cannot protect its citizens, which is one of its most basic functions, yet the bureaucrats believe they can run our healthcare system.

The war along the border with Mexico is growing worse by the day. The Obama administration, in its infinite wisdom, actually thought it would be a good idea to sell high power weapons such as AK-47’s and 50-cals to Mexican drug cartels with no thought as to how they would trace them once they left the country. ATF head Kenneth Melson is under significant pressure to resign because these weapons were used to kill a prominent Mexican attorney. Obama is fine with fighting two illegal wars in Libya and Yemen yet he will do nothing to stop the onslaught from Mexico.

Obama gets to keep his war after ninety-one Republicans played turncoat and voted to continue funding America’s participation in Libya. The real life Jaba the Hut, Michael Moore, was out this week defending the president’s choice to go to war in Libya “because his heart is in the right place.” Lest we forget the intellectual midget spent eight years hammering President Bush for going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can’t make this kind of stupidity up if you wanted to.

Remember when the president promised to put solar panels on the roof of the White House by this spring? Well spring has come and gone and the president has broken yet another promise. As usual the administration is blaming someone else, this time it’s the contracting process. This guy can arrange to have some of the biggest names in entertainment headline WH parties, shut down New York so he can go on dates with the first lady but he cannot put solar panels on a roof.

The Fed Chairman says he’s puzzled by the economy. Well Mr. Bernanke let’s see if we can explain it so that a fifth-grader can understand it; when you spend more than you take in, especially to the tune of $14 trillion, that’s a bad thing. Why? Because that’s a lot to pay back.

Our president, whom the media says is the smartest man in every room he enters, doesn’t even have a budget. When CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified before Congress this week, he was asked to estimate the president’s budget framework; he got off an epic blast when he said “we cannot estimate a speech.” Because that’s all the president’s budget is; a speech.

The CBO also released more damning evidence that the economy is worsening not improving as the president has been trying to sell for the last two years. Our debt to Gross Domestic Product is expected to rise seven-percent this year and an even more dire prediction was that we would reach 101-percent within the next decade. Yet all Obama and his socialist minions can come up with is to raise taxes so they can spend even more money. Maybe they should check out this article at MSNBC that has tips to cure a shopaholic.

To add to the troubling economic news, India is now on track to pass the United States as the world’s second largest trading nation. I know it’s cliché but how’s that for hope and change?

There were several bits of absolutely ridiculous environmental news this week. First, Al Gore suggested that we should have fewer children to cure global warming. Never mind that he has six and that according to current census data, the white birth rate is 1.63 so who is he talking about? Jackass!

Maryland is going implement testing standards for environmental literacy for all graduating seniors. And then people wonder why we are ranked 17th in the world academically even though we spend more per student than any other country. Our education system is little more than a sixteen year program to indoctrinate children to socialism.

Finally, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh evil for presenting data contrary to global warming. He went on to say that all journalists should not be objective in their reporting on the subject. Well Mr. Matthews, few so called journalists are objective about anything but especially about the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by the media.

The FBI foiled a terror plot by two Americans that have converted to radical Islam. There have been eight attacks and attempts all against military installations by home grown jihadists. Sadly America has many enemies that are against freedom. The socialists and radical Islamists have infiltrated every facet of American society. We must be diligent in the years ahead to rid ourselves of this cancer or we’re all doomed.

Perhaps the most disturbing news of the week was Time Magazine’s portrayal of the Constitution being fed into a shredder with the caption “does it still matter.” Then there was the coordinated attack by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. He waxes poetically about Iceland using facebook and twitter to write their new Constitution. He goes on to say that Americans are completely opposed to changing the U.S. Constitution neglecting the fact that it has been changed 27 times with amendments. The scary part is that Zakaria obviously has the President’s ear. A few weeks ago he claimed to be one of Obama’s top advisors then recanted the statement. But there’s no bias at CNN.

Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress launched their assault to amend the Constitution to bring back the Works Progress Administration. Like most liberal programs, the intention sounds good until you get to the nuts and bolts. If the government hires everyone who is unemployed; what are they going to do? Where will the money come from? The government produces nothing it simply steals from the American people by taxing them.

Pelosi and her cronies are also trying to pin the high unemployment and the poor economy on the Republican Party. It is incumbent upon the GOP to stay on the offensive and not allow the socialist Democrats to shape the message. They need to stay on the offensive by telling the American people that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have spent the last three years passing legislation that has ruined our great nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood, you know the organization that is “largely secular” and is now spreading its influence around the Middle East like the plague, called for the continued youth revolt around the world to create a Global Islamic State. You have to ask yourself why this administration is orchestrating the collapse of nearly every country in the Middle East. Couldn’t be that the commander in chief is a Muslim?

The next Hamas Flotilla is on its way to Gaza. Conveniently one of the ships is named the Audacity of Hope. The American media which has become completely anti-Semitic is traveling with the Hamas supporters. Yep, the New York Times, CNN, and CBS all have reporters hoping to document atrocities by the Israeli’s. Ironically the Huffington Post refused to publish one of its own writer’s articles. Why? Could it be because it doesn’t fit the Obama administration’s agenda? That Obama and the media are supporting the terrorist organization Hamas? And that it is Hamas not Israel that’s causing the violence in Gaza?

The pervesification of America continues with New York approving gay marriage. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

The news was not all bad this week; Obama’s poll numbers continue to fall. One poll showed that only thirty-percent say they will vote for Obama in a Bloomberg poll.

Dutch cartoonist Geert Wilders was acquitted of hate speech charges this week. Wilders was charged with hate speech because of his cartoons against immigration and in particular, Muslim immigration. The plaintiffs plan to take their case to the ever diverse United Nations. Get a life.

Alabama passed the nations toughest illegal immigration bill. You would think Texas would be leading this fight but the Texas legislature continues to stall on passing an immigration bill.

Several sources reported this week that Texas Governor Rick Perry will enter the presidential race. Evidently the hardcore leftists at MSNBC didn’t get Governor Perry’s speech. I guess they have a hard time when someone actually talks about freedom and economic theories (communism) that haven’t failed in every country that ever tried it. Perry had some sage advice for conservatives when he said “our party cannot be all things to all people. It can’t be. Our loudest opponents on the left are never going to like us, so let’s stop trying to curry favor with them.”

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