Wisconsin firefighters disrespect 9-11 comrades, Soros ties to Muslim Brotherhood & the heart of liberalism is a hate for God

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After two wild weeks the news this week slowed down a bit with everyone getting ready for the long Fourth of July holiday. You can read my thoughts on this week’s budget news over at the Patriot Statesman. I also dropped the hammer on the labor unions in the wake of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signing legislation to make union employees pay their fair share.

The Wisconsin firefighters have backed out of participating in a Fourth of July parade because the float, which pays tribute to firefighters who lost their lives on 9-11, is being led by a firefighter who opted out of the union. Way to put your communist union before your fallen brothers. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, but then again I am talking about the people’s republic of Wisconsin.


The left continues to lay waste to our education system. This week the Los Angeles Unified School District announced that homework can count for no more than ten-percent of a student’s grade. Why give them any assignments at all? Just give them an “A” for showing up and then everyone can be valedictorian.


The first lady is back from her trip to Africa, I’m sure that trip cost the taxpayers plenty. I find it interesting and insulting that she’s always telling us what to eat but every time we see her or her husband with food, it’s always a burger and fries. In fact on her trip to Africa, she had deep fried fat cake (that sounds appetizing) and fries. Shut the hell up already.


Here’s a surprise; after the Obama administration orchestrated the collapse of Egypt’s government, downplayed the Muslim Brotherhood’s participation – they are now resuming dialog with the radical Muslim organization since they are the emerging power. Even more surprising, George Soros is now linked to the Muslim Brotherhood as well through his many shadow organizations. Strangely enough, popular Egyptian cleric Salafi Shaykh Muhammad Hassan said that “Islam prefers immoral men”, which probably explains why Obama and Soros are attracted to these radical Muslims.


While I’m on the subject of the puppet master, George Soros is also reportedly making a move to stack the courts with radical leftists. Soros has spent untold millions trying to elect leftist secretaries of state, since they administer elections in most states. More recently his efforts were mostly thwarted last year when he was focused on electing socialist state attorney generals.


Stephen Colbert received permission this week to start his super PAC. Look for Colbert and Jon Stewart to use their shows as bully pulpits to raise money for Obama. The left is always complaining that they want corporations out of the elections but they sure are cozy with them. Viacom, which owns Comedy Central and MTV (Rock the Vote) is fully in the tank for Obama. NBC is all in for Obama as well; the network has raised over $1.2 million for the president already.


Obama is willing to sell his soul to win re-election and he just might have to. The administration is auctioning off dinner with Obama, the White House Chef, and anything else they can think of to raise money. It even appears that the administration may have violated federal election laws when they filmed a campaign video in the White House. The president has been traveling around the country speaking to half empty rooms and is coming nowhere close to raising the dollars they did in ’08.


The president knows he’s fighting an uphill battle because after three years in office he has decimated the economy which is always first and foremost in voters minds. He’s also facing other horrible news such as combat deaths in Iraq have reached a three year high. When President Obama made the announcement that we were pulling out of Iraq, I received several emails from troops stationed there telling me that they were not leaving, the DOD was simply dropping the word “combat” from their title. For instance Stryker Combat Brigade was shortened to Stryker Brigade. Don’t you just love the way the left relies on semantics to govern the sheep?


Speaking of sheep, Michigan lawmakers have decided to cede power to emergency financial managers (EFM’s) after their failed socialist policies have led the state to the brink of collapse. What gives these people the authority to supersede the will of the people is beyond me. According to the theBlaze.com, Benton Harbor Mayor Wilce Cooke agrees. “I believe it’s illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional” Mayor Cooke said “no one person in this country has that authority.” Look for this one to be played out in the courts if any of these EMF’s makes any decisions of consequence.


While we’re on the subject of morality, our president had the nerve to say that making cuts to the federal budget to get our Mount Everest sized debt under control is “immoral.” Quite the contrary Mr. President! I’ve come to the conclusion that Democrats speak in antonyms. Nearly everything these seditious vermin say is the opposite. Missouri Rep. Todd Akin sums it up well. He said “the heart of liberalism is really a hate for God.” Our Christian heritage is the basis of American morality and the socialist left has been attacking it for generations.


We see it when NBC takes the words under God out of the Pledge of Allegiance. Atheists have been in the news this week for wanting to celebrate a Godless 4th of July. No one begrudges them that right, however, they have not right to deny Christians the right to celebrate theirs with God. Christians are forced to endure homosexuality, abortion, and many other things that stand in direct opposition to their beliefs. So why can’t you stand (or sit) for a minute or two while a prayer is recited?


Even the Veterans administration is getting in on the act. The Houston Veterans Cemetery has banned prayer and the use of God in funerals. If this policy isn’t changed it will surely be headed to the Supreme Court, where by the way, Moses adorns the building holding the Ten Commandments.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day.


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