Angry Mobs & Founding Fathers should be part of every patriot’s library

Michael E. Newton’s new book Angry Mobs and Founding Fathers is a must read for anyone interested in America’s founding and should be part of every patriot’s library. His book is clear, concise, well documented, and chock-full of quotes from the founding fathers.

Newton takes the reader back to Colonial America when angry mobs were protesting British tyranny. He brilliantly juxtaposes the debate over separating from Great Britain and how the founders skillfully navigated America through the stormy waters that resulted from the Declaration of Independence.

After defeating the English, he expertly guides you through the articles of confederation and the drafting of the Constitution. Newton does an outstanding job of including writings from the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers and shows how precariously the Constitution hung in the balance.

Another aspect of Angry Mobs and Founding Fathers that I particularly enjoyed was how well the author explained the Colonial economy and how America’s politicians have been hindering our economy from the very beginning.

Newton concludes his brilliant book masterfully by stating “America needs the principals put forth by the Declaration of Independence and the limited government established by the Constitution. Liberty without government leads to anarchy while government without liberty leads to tyranny. Liberty and limited government must work together to promote the perfect balance between liberty and power.”


My thanks to Michael Newton for allowing me the opportunity to review his book.

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