Michael Moore says Jesus was gay

Michael Moore was invited to speak at Georgetown University yesterday. Georgetown used to be a Christian University but they have fallen into the pagan abyss and, like many universities, simply become another communist indoctrination center.

Reportedly Moore delivered an expletive laced tirade. As if cursing wasn’t disrespecting Georgetown’s Christian heritage wasn’t blasphemy enough, Moore further sullied the university when he stated that Jesus was gay.

Moore wasn’t finished there; during the question and answer session a British student asked if a nation could be civilized if it’s citizens were allowed to own AK47′s. As you can guess Moore said “no – if you need protection; get a dog.” This shows an obvious lack of understanding of America’s Constitution as the Second Amendment was established to protect America’s citizens from the government. I would ask the British student: can a nation be civilized when its citizens riot in the street and vandalize the property of their fellow man? I would also ask him if Switzerland was civilized? Every adult male is issued an assault rifle because every man of age is required to be in the Swiss National Guard.

Moore was asked by another student why he didn’t participate in the documentary Michael Moore Hates America. Moore stated that he does not hate America.

To that I would assert that Moore hates everything about America. Here’s a man that cheered that Communism won at the premiere of his movie Slacker Uprising.

Moore must hate America because Communism is the antithesis of the American way. Moore and the Democrat Socialists feign contempt when conservatives dare question their patriotism but one has to ask: if you hate the foundations of Americanism, how can you claim to be a patriot?

Moore, Van Jones (who is threatening violence against America), and even President Obama – who promised to fundamentally transform America, have no love for our great nation. They, and their minions, are working daily to undermine the fabric of our society.

The subversives behind the occupy Wall Street movement are surely the early machinations of the violence Jones’ promised. The internet is abound with stories of the verminous communist protesters committing acts of vandalism and relieving themselves on the street and the adjoining park.

Jones, Moore, Frances Fox Piven, Wade Rathke, Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Jody Evans, and the other communist leaders who are trying to bring violent protests like the one’s in the Middle East and Europe may want to consider a few things. Most conservatives are members of the NRA (which is why you’ve been trying to undermine the 2nd Amendment). Many conservative & Tea Party members are veterans with vast combat experience. You communists may have infected every aspect of American society with your traitorous ways but there are far more of us than there are of you. I’ve already fought one war against a foreign enemy and I am more than prepared to fight one against a domestic enemy.

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