Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street in pictures


Reports are that the Occupy Wall Street protest is turning into a Woodstock atmosphere with people having sex, doing drugs, and partying.

The mainstream media has been fawning over the Occupy Wall Street protesters asserting that it is a grass roots movement just like the Tea Party. Evidence has already surfaced that the radical left-wing labor union SEIU and ACORN are the organizing force behind the protests.

President Obama has ties to both of these groups and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the protests were engineered by David Axelrod or others in the Obama administration. It saddens me to think this of our president but the fact remains that this is the most corrupt man to ever serve in the White House.

We’ve also learned that organizers paid people to show up to the Occupy D.C. protest. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that this payola is widespread because this has become a regular tactic of the socialist left.

So, back to the original premise that the media is equating the the OWS movement to the Tea Party. Furthermore lets see which movement is made up of patriotic Americans, and finally, which group represents mainstream America.

My apologies, this picture was taken at an end the war rally in 2007 and not the Occupy Wall St. rally. I loved how the socialists were quick to point out the wrong rally but said nothing about the traitor crapping on the flag and all the people laughing.

The Tea Party is proud to be an American while the Occupy Wall Street protesters are fighting for policies that failed in Communist Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, and everywhere else they've been tried.

The Tea Party treats the American flag with reverence while the Occupy Wall Street protesters desecrate our flag by crapping on it, letting it touch the ground, writing on it, and displaying it backwards.

The Tea Party loves America and wants a return to our founding principals while the Occupy Wall St. protesters want to destroy the very fabric of American society.

Occupy Wall Street protesters support the mass murderer and Communist revolutionary Che Guevara while Tea Party members protest against President Obama surrounding himself with cronies who haven't even paid their taxes while talking about raising taxes.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd want free healthcare, college tuition, and a living wage whether they're employed or not.

The OCW protesters are supposedly "environmentalists" and support "green initiatives," however, they are turning the protest area into a virtual landfill. Meanwhile, the Tea Party groups that attended Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally left the National Mall in pristine condition.

But make no mistake about it, the hardcore communists that are orchestrating the protest are well organized.

Reports are that the Occupy Wall Street protest is turning into a Woodstock atmosphere with people having sex, doing drugs, and partying.










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