Los Angeles USD Employee Hurls Anti Semitic Remarks

A woman named Patricia MacAllister who identified herself as a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) employee was interviewed by Reason TV at one of the Occupy Protests occurring around the country. During the interview McAllister states “the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and the Federal Reserve, which is not run by the Federal Government, they need to be run out of this country.”

The question is; how will LAUSD respond to Patricia McAllister’s remarks? A Google search of fired for being Tea Party member returned nearly 13 million hits. An assistant district attorney was fired in Jacksonville, Florida for giving speeches at Tea Party rallies. A police chief and sergeant were fired in Lake Tawakoni, Texas for participating in Tea Party rallies when they were off duty. A woman at a polling company that performed supposedly un-biased research for the DNC was also fired for taking a stand against the biased question her company was using during their polling.

As of this writing, the Los Angeles Unified School District would neither confirm nor deny whether Patricia McAllister is an employee or what they plan to do about it if she is. The Democrat party is constantly lecturing us on tolerance yet here we have a clear case of hate speech. Moreover, California and the LAUSD are supposedly champions of respecting diversity to the point they are teaching gay studies as part of their curriculum so if they don’t take action, it would be the ultimate double standard.

Scroll to 1:25 in the video to see the disturbing remarks by McAllister:

My thanks to RobtKraft for sniping the video

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