The race to replace Ron Paul suddenly becomes clear

Rep. Ron PaulGalveston, TX- The race to replace retiring Republican Congressman Ron Paul in Texas’ 14th District has come into focus tonight. Brazoria County residents Randy Weber and Felicia Harris have emerged from a crowded field and will face off against each other in the July 31st runoff.

Weber has served in the Texas House of Representatives since 2008 and is a successful business owner.

Like Weber, Felicia Harris served as a member of Pearland’s City Council and was a self-made business woman before working her way through law school.

Both candidates fared equally well the traditionally Republican strongholds of Galveston and Brazoria counties, battling to a near draw. However, Weber had a nine point lead in Jefferson County which tends to lean to the Democrat Party.

After these two candidates slug it out for the next two months, they will have to face one of the toughest Democrats in the State of Texas – Nick Lampson.

Lampson is a fundraising machine and has not had to spend much at all to secure the Democrat nomination while Harris and Weber have been engaged in political trench warfare for the better part of a year.

One thing is certain, the Republican National Committee will have to fight hard to salvage this seat in the wake of Rep. Paul’s retirement.


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