Real Immigration Reform

Illegal immigrants continue to pour across the U. S. border with Mexico. – Image courtesy: U. S. Open Borders

There is no question that America now faces a vast range of difficult problems; the economy, unemployment, Social Security, Medicare, and healthcare are pushing our great country to the breaking point. However, there is an underlying problem which is a contributing factor to all of these issues – illegal immigration.

The U.S. Government estimates that there are between 8 to 12million illegal immigrants currently residing within our borders. Conversely, independent studies have shown that the number of illegal immigrants currently residing in America is significantly higher. The Californians for Population Study (CAPS) released a report by four leading immigration experts who believe that there is somewhere between 20 to 38 million illegal aliens currently in America[vi]. Given the federal government’s penchant for under grossly underestimating numbers, there is a significant likelihood that the CAPS figure is closer to being accurate than the government’s estimate.

Regardless of which number is correct, illegal immigration is one of the most critical issues facing America today and not, as the Obama administration recently asserted, akin to jaywalking[vii]. In fact, Fox News recently reported that illegal immigration currently costs American taxpayers an astonishing $113 billion per year[viii].

Further exacerbating this problem is that unbridled immigration has created an inordinate amount of anchor babies. Politicians have not had the courage to enforce the provisions set forth in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which allows for children of individuals who have immigrated to the United States legally to become American citizens. However, governments at all levels have circumvented the law in the hopes of gaining favor, and thus votes, with Latinos. This usurpation of our own federal statute is now causing great financial strain on the entire nation.

In fact, the United States is on the precipice of a historic population shift wherein Latinos will become the new racial majority as early as 2042 according to the most recent Census data. Moreover, white children have already become the minority in the United States so it is now a certainty that this shift will occur.

So what is America to do to solve this ever-growing problem?

1. Citizenship status shall be verified for all people in the United States by electronically verifying their Social Security or Green Card numbers when:

i.      When filing their annual tax return
ii.      Gaining Employment
iii.      Changing jobs/employment status
iv.      Receiving unemployment benefits
v.      Purchasing or renting a domicile
vi.      Purchasing an automobile
vii.      Obtaining a drivers license
viii.      Receiving healthcare treatment

2. Any person found to be in the United States illegally will be given two options:

i.      Deportation to their home country where they will be given the opportunity to apply for legal immigration to the United States unless they are a convicted felon.

ii.      Receive a Green Card granting temporary citizenship for a period of five years. As long as that person does not commit a felony, they will be granted citizenship as long as all conditions set forth herein are complied with. Persons choosing this option will forfeit the right to vote in all elections as penalty for entering the United States illegally. Persons choosing option one will have all the rights and privileges of a U.S. citizen as long as all the conditions of citizenship are met.

3. Any person found in the United States illegally who has committed a felony will be immediately deported to their country of origin and will not be allowed to return to the United States under any condition.

4. English will be declared the official language of the United States. All Federal agencies, state governments, municipalities, schools (to include K-12, all colleges and universities), and business entities will comply with this mandate within two-years of the implementation of this Bill. This includes all documents, websites, and phone systems.

5. Citizens must prove their proficiency in English before citizenship will be granted.

6. No person shall be offered employment in these United States without a valid, electronically verified Social Security or Green Card number.

7. No person shall be able to domicile in the United States without a valid, electronically verified Social Security or Green Card number.

8. If medical attention is provided to a person found to be in this country illegally they shall be deported to the country of their origin as soon as medically stable.

9. Should conditions exist that a person cannot be deported to their country of origin, in cases such as: their country of origin no longer exists, may be persecuted for political or religious reasons – a person will automatically be slotted into the five year limited Green Card program per section two (2) of this document. Felons will be deported regardless of condition.

Like any legislation, this plan will only work if it is enforced at all levels of government. Partisan detractors will make false accusations of racism, this is to be expected but ultimately unsupported by facts. It is common practice to show identification throughout the world for common transactions, this is not racist, it is common sense.

It is evident that our immigration process needs to be updated and streamlined as does most of the federal bureaucracy. Current immigration wait times range from three to nine years[ix] which is patently absurd. Perhaps a point system such as the one employed by New Zealand would be an appropriate model to correct the deficiencies in our current system.

The Preamble of the Constitution states that the Federal Government is tasked with providing for the “common defense” of its citizens. In that regard, the Federal Government has woefully failed its constituents in its most important function. Our southern border with Mexico has become as porous as a sieve.

Conditions have become so dangerous along sections of the border with Mexico that the U. S. Government has actually posted warning signs. Yet the Obama administration continues to do nothing to stem the tide of violent illegal immigrants coming to America.

The drug war that is raging along the Mexican border has become a political nightmare for the Obama Administration and rightfully so. There are portions near the border where the Federal government has posted warning signs, on U.S. soil, warning Americans of the danger of entering these areas[x] which include portions of our nation’s interstate highway system.

To make matters worse, the State of Arizona has resorted to soliciting donations[xi] so that it can construct a fence along the Arizona, Mexico border. Under no circumstance can the government conclude that its current immigration policy is effectual and that a new approach is not only warranted but an absolute necessity.

The implementation of this bill would prohibit illegal immigrants from obtaining employment or residence in the United States, and as a result, we would likely see self deportation akin to what has happened in states like Alabama[xii] where strict immigration enforcement has caused a mass exodus of illegal immigrants. For those that remain, federal authorities will arrange deportation immediately.

Strict penalties must be placed on employers who are caught employing illegal immigrants. Similar penalties must be levied against landlords and banking institutions who conduct business with illegal immigrants. Strict enforcement of these policies along with those spelled out above should cause a cessation to illegal immigration without an increase in government spending and will alleviate any need to build a cumbersome, costly border fence which will require maintenance and upkeep in perpetuity.


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[vi] CAPS 20-38 Million –

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