Founding Fathers Know Best

Founding Fathers Know Best is available in paperback or Kindle.

It is always an honor when I am asked by an author or publisher to review a book. This is the fourth occasion I have had the privilege of reviewing a book and I must say, I was not disappointed. Founding Fathers Know Best is one of the most intelligent, cogent and timely books I have read in quite some time.

Author Ross Puskar combines an amazing penchant for satire with a unique understanding of American history by creatively combing Dickens’ masterpiece A Christmas Carol with the Federalist Papers. The result is the most entertaining political yarn I have had the pleasure of reading.

The book starts by reminding the reader of the current state of affairs in America as President Obama enters the fourth year of his presidency. Recognizing that America is on the precipice of disaster, the ghosts of presidents past, known as the “President’s Club,” decide to offer the sitting president some assistance.

The club nominates Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison to visit President Obama over the course of a week. Puskar brilliantly uses the Founding Fathers, in their own words, to provide solutions to all of the problems facing America today. The only question is; will President Obama listen?

The only issues I have with Puskar’s highly entertaining book are that he did not source his material and that he refers to President Obama as “Ob.” But don’t let either of these minor hiccups prevent you from reading an outstanding book.

This is Ross Puskar’s first book and I hope it is not his last. He is truly gifted wordsmith and I look forward to his future works.

  • Founding Fathers Know Best – Paperback
  • Founding Fathers Know Best – Kindle

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