George Stephanopoulos says there is no media bias

Left-wing media weasel George Stephanopoulos says there’s no such thing as media bias.

Over at Brietbart they have video of a reporter from the Media Research Center asking liberal George Stephanopoulos if he believes there is any bias in the media. The little weasel half-heartedly says “no,” then asks where the reporter is from and upon finding out, abruptly ends the interview.

I guess if you’re a socialist and a member of the state-run media you don’t consider it bias when you blatantly push an anti-American agenda. After all, to the left-wing subversive lying is just another means to an end. That end is the complete collapse of America as we know it and they are dangerously close to achieving their goal.

To stop them, it is not enough to just go out and vote. You must be engaged. You must educate your circle of influence. And you must convince your circle to vote. It is going to take several elections to correct all the damage of the last six years.

Check out the brief 0:23 second video here.

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