Romney: “I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again”

Governor Romney masterfully defeated President Obama in last night’s debate.

There have been several famous presidential debates throughout American history: Lincoln – Douglas, Kennedy – Nixon, Reagan – Carter, and now Romney – Obama.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney so thoroughly defeated President Obama last night it was reminiscent of a young Mike Tyson knocking out Michael Spinks without ever breaking a sweat. From the opening question Romney scored a standing eight count and continued to mercilessly pound Obama on point after point.

Despite the president having the sizeable advantage of PBS’s, Jim Lehrer moderate the event, there was no question that Mitt Romney was the undisputed winner.

Lehrer, who at times seemed to be like a kindergarten teacher trying to help a bashful child with stage fright get through his lines in the school play, often fed President Obama lines and generally tried to help him respond to questions. The clearly biased Lehrer also allowed President Obama to have four-minutes more talk-time than Mitt Romney but in the end, Romney was clearly more erudite than President Obama.

I found it striking that not one person in the audience clapped for President Obama when he was introduced despite Lehrer urging applause immediately before introducing the participants. Conversely, there was robust applause after Mitt Romney was announced.

Throughout the evening President Obama was glued to his talking points. He repeatedly accused Romney of not elaborating on his plans, however, throughout the night Romney did just that. Romney laid out several specific plans to jump start the economy and put America back to work while masterfully articulating the president’s failures.

One of the most salient moments of the debate was when Mitt Romney took President Obama to task on his massive deficit spending. Romney pointed out that the president promised to cut the debt in half, from $8 trillion to $4 trillion, in his first four years and instead he doubled the debt to $16 trillion. He further drove home the point by saying that it was immoral to run up a debt of this magnitude just as President Obama did when he was a candidate in 2008.

Mitt also scored big when he said the first thing he would do with any government program is to ask the question; is this so important that we should borrow money from China to pay for this?

Often times President Obama could do nothing but nod in agreement with Romney which was simply astounding to watch.

Romney also destroyed the president when they debated the finer points of healthcare.

To begin, the president was quick to point out that he likes that the healthcare law has been called “Obamacare.” From there Romney went on the attack and by the end of the exchange you could have put a giant, red scarlet O on the president’s chest because Romney flat out shamed the president over his healthcare plan.

Romney laid out America’s dire financial situation then said that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid thought it was more important to force healthcare legislation that the American people didn’t want down are collective throats.

Romney truthfully stated that there will be European style rationing and that Obamacare adds $2500.00 to the cost of the average American’s annual healthcare costs.

Governor Romney also reiterated throughout the evening that President Obama is cutting $716 billion from Medicare. He explained that his plan would allow for “free-market” solutions which are always less expensive and would provide more options for the American people.

Romney also scored big with the Republican base as he spoke frequently of states rights and that the Federal Government’s principle job is to protect and enforce our founding documents.

Romney drove home the point that there will be European style rationing and that Obamacare adds $2500.00 to the cost of the average American’s healthcare coverage.

Romney masterfully juxtaposed the president’s track record of complete partisanship and legislative gridlock by highlighting how he successfully reached across the aisle when he was elected Governor of Massachusetts. Despite having a legislature that was comprised of 87-percent Democrats, he was able to foster relationships with his opposition and lead the state back to prosperity.

“I’ve done it before,” Governor Romney said “and I’ll do it again.”

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