Continuing Evolution of TKC

Taking the oath of office with my family by my side.

Now that I’ve been elected to office, this site will quite naturally undergo a few changes in its continuing evolution. When I look back at the old site I am amazed at how far we’ve come in just a few short years. There was a point during the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement when this site was one of the top sites on the internet and I was receiving all sorts of threats.

The OWS threats never worried me too much but if you’re a political writer and you dare say anything negative about islam, rest assured, you will promptly receive death threats from the practitioners of the religion of peace.

I’ve also written a few negative pieces about the Third Reich of Persia, better known as Iran, to which I generally receive at least one threat of violence per week. I think Iran must actually have government employees assigned to comment on negative articles that appear on the internet. God knows it’s not the citizens of Iran since they have no freedom.

Moving forward I’ll obviously be discussing some of the issues that arise in city government but rest assured national politics will still rule the day at TKC. I also muse on pop culture from time to time at another site called 20 Mile Level Road.

As always thanks to my loyal readers and subscribers. I assure you I’ll be posting my sardonic take on geopolitics much more frequently in the coming months.

About Todd

Todd Kinsey is a political consultant and conservative commentator whose articles have appeared in many leading publications, both print and electronic. His work has been cited by prominent media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, the Washington Post and U.S. Daily Review. You can contact him by email:
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