There’s a Science to the Art of Communication

Some say communication is an art while others claim it’s a science. James Farwell’s Persuasion and Power, the Art of Strategic Communication proves that there is a science to the art of communication.

Farwell fills this volume with relevant examples of strategic communication pulled straight from today’s headlines as well as significant points in history. He skillfully guides the reader through the types of communication and the effective use of the mediums of dissemination.

If you’re involved in politics, public affairs, business or marketing, I highly recommend you read this book and hope your competition doesn’t.

You can purchase the book from Amazon or Georgetown University

My thanks to Charlotte at the Georgetown University Press for the opportunity to review this outstanding book.


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Todd Kinsey is a political consultant and conservative commentator whose articles have appeared in many leading publications, both print and electronic. His work has been cited by prominent media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, the Washington Post and U.S. Daily Review. You can contact him by email:
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