Todd Kinsey OfficeIf you look up the term “jack of all trades,” Todd’s picture will be next to the entry. He served his country along the Iron Curtain before the fall of the Berlin Wall and with distinction during the Gulf War. After his service in the military he became an environmental consultant which led him to the sales field where he has traveled the world selling to major energy companies and LNG projects. Todd also spent over a decade as a sales manager for a Fortune 500 CPG firm and opened two new markets for a modular construction firm.

In his spare time Todd has coached several championship youth baseball teams, completed the Ironman Triathlon and raced for the Army Cycling Team.

All that time stuck on airplanes and cooped in hotel rooms lent itself to becoming a bibliophile. Over the last few years Todd has reviewed books for; Georgetown University Press, Random House, college professors and independent authors.

If you are a publisher, author or studio interested in working with Todd you can contact him directly by email at: todd@toddkinsey.com

Todd is available to:

  • Review Books
  • Editing Services
  • Manuscript Reviews
  • Author Interviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Media
  •  Script Reviews