Is California in Play for the GOP?

Contrary to popular belief, California has far more Republican counties than it does Democrat.

For the first time since the days of Reagan the Republican Party has a real chance of winning a national election in California. You read that right, not only is Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat in real jeopardy for the first time since she took office in 1992 but President Obama has his work cut out for him as well.

Once thought untouchable, Sen. Feinstein’s poll numbers are at an all time low. According to a report by CBS Los Angeles, Feinstein’s approval rating has dropped to a dismal 41 percent. Furthermore, even amongst her Democrat base, Feinstein only receives a 60 percent approval rating. And like the rest of the country, only 9 percent of Californians approve of the job Congress is doing.

In 2010, Senator Barbara Boxer had the fight of her life and narrowly defeated Republican upstart Carly Fiorina. The DNC had to pull out all the stops in defense of the longtime Democrat stronghold. For starters, Sen. Boxer had to spend a whopping $28 million which was nearly double what she had to spend in her previous election.

Sensing potential defeat in California, which would have been an even bigger political slap in the face than Scott Brown winning in Massachusetts, President Obama had to make no less than three trips to California in a desperate attempt to save Boxer’s seat. But the president’s coattails are all but nonexistent in 2012 and he will be fighting to save his own political life this November.

In evaluating election results from the last two presidential election cycles,California is not nearly as blue as the Democrats would lead you to believe. In 2008, the year of President Obama’s sweeping victory, he only won twenty-four counties in California compared to Sen. John McCain’s thirty-four. President Obama carried the urban counties and that was enough to ensure victory for him in California.

In 2004, John Kerry only received 54 percent of the popular vote in California and won a paltry twenty-two counties compared to President Bush’s thirty-six counties. More importantly there were seven counties that were within 3 percent of going to Bush which would have easily carried him to victory had those counties gone the other way.

There are three candidates who have emerged as front-runners to challenge Sen. Feinstein in November;John Boruff, Elizabeth Emken and Dan Hughes.

Boruff, who once served as a reserve police officer, worked his way through the ranks of a regional auto-parts retailer, starting as a clerk and working his way up to president of the company. Over the years Boruff developed a knack for real-estate and is now a partner in a largeSan Diego area property management firm.

Emken is a former IBM executive who now serves as a vice president at Autism Speaks which is the largest autism advocacy group in America.

Hughes served in management before launching his own hospital services company.

To be sure, whoever emerges from the Republican primary in June faces an uphill battle in November. That being said, if the Republican establishment will get behind one of these candidates and force Sen. Feinstein, who will be 79 in June, into a protracted campaign; it will be interesting to see if she is up to the challenge.

Is it a long shot to think that the GOP can win in California? Of course. However, when you consider that there is still major discontent within the electorate, both Republican and Democrat. Then factor in that Congress has an abysmal approval rating, an economy that still hasn’t hit bottom, rampant unemployment, inflation that is nearing 10 percent, fuel prices that are predicted to eclipse the four dollar mark this summer and you have conditions conducive for the perfect political storm, which, in the aftermath, the GOP may be able to shock the world and win in California.

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Yahoo Joins the Attack on Capitalism

Yahoo Joins the Attack on Capitalism

Yahoo Joins the Attack on Capitalism - Image courtesy: Yahoo

Yahoo is in lock step with the liberal propaganda machine which is trying to artificially create a class warfare battle prior to this year’s election cycle that would make Vladimir Lenin proud. The article in question is currently Yahoo’s lead story and features a photo of Euro Pacific Capital Marketing Director Andrew Schiff. The caption under his picture reads “Andrew Schiff makes enough to put him in the top 1%, but he says it’s not enough.” Underneath the scrolling articles is a group of five thumbnail captions, this caption is even more inflammatory stating “banker’s $350K pay not enough.” To show just how blatantly political Yahoo is being, the actual headline to the Bloomberg article is Bonus Withdrawal Puts Bankers in Malaise.

First and foremost, it’s nobody’s business what anyone in the private sector earns. As taxpayers we have a right to know what those who are employed by the government earn, after all, their salaries are the result of our labor.

Since Yahoo brought it up, let’s look at some truly ridiculous salaries:

Angus T. Jones became the highest paid child actor last year and now earns nearly as much as the aforementioned Andrew Schiff in every episode. That’s right, Jones earns a whopping $300K per episode of Two and a Half Men.

Think that’s bad? All six stars of the hit sitcom Friends earned $1 million per episode.

Socialist propagandists posing as journalists Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman earn more than $5 million per year.

How about liberalism’s favorite son Jon Stewart, he earns at least $1.5 million per year.

Warren Buffet who likes to pretend he’s a common man because his tax rate is only 15% while his secretary pays 36%. Buffet leaves out the fact that he is gaming the system by paying himself through capital gains on his estimated $39 billion net worth which is money that has already been taxed once while his secretary’s pay is earned income. Buffet is free to give more to the government but doesn’t, in fact, he owes over $1 billion in back taxes to the federal government but he wants to make sure YOU pay your fair share.

What about former presidential hopeful John Kerry? Not only is Kerry the richest member of Congress with a net worth of at least $167 million but he likes to manipulate the system to avoid paying his fair share too. Just last year, Kerry bought a new 76 foot yacht and registered the behemoth in Rhode Island avoiding about $500K in sales tax to his home state of Massachusetts as well as an annual tax of $70,000. Who’s not paying their fair share now Senator Kerry?

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe rakes in $245K per year in salary for making sure the nation’s mail gets delivered. Donahoe isn’t even tasked with making a profit, he is simply asked to break even yet the US Postal Service continues to hemorrhage billions of dollars in red ink to the tune of $7 billion this year that the taxpayers will have to pick up the tab on.

Then there’s my favorite company Fannie Mae, which may be the worst company in American history. This company received more than $382 billion in assistance from America’s taxpayers (which was more than half of all the federal stimulus funds) without repaying a cent, yet, this company continued to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to their executives.

I don’t recall Yahoo or anyone else on the left being up in arms over Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines raking in his $90 million in bonuses while he ran Fannie Mae into the ground. How about Jamie Gorelick and her $26 million? Why don’t the SEIU and Occupy Wall Street cretins show up on their front yards in protest like they did the Bank of America CEO?

If the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters had any intellectual honesty, they would be protesting in front of the homes of Rep. Barney Frank, Senator Chris Dodd - Fannie Mae executives: Franklin Raines, Daniel Mudd, Herbert Allison, Jamie Gorelick, and Michael Wilson as well as Freddie Mac CEO’s Dick Syron and David Moffett. These are the real culprits of the financial meltdown not “unbridled capitalism and companies making their own rules” as President Obama likes to insinuate.

Of course that will never happen. The SEIU, OWS, Yahoo and everyone else on the left are all engaged in waging a war against the American Dream and trying to replace it with Karl Marx’s. Most Americans thought that this war that ended more that two decades ago when communism fell, the problem is that we did not treat the socialist infection that had spread throughout American society. Until we fight and win this last battle, we will not be rid of the scourge that emanated with Marx.

Yahoo Joins the Attack on Capitalism

Screen shot of Yahoo's front page on 2/29/2012

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Check out: Can Lampson win TX-14?

Yours truly is quoted several times by the Galveston Daily News today. You can read the article below:

Can Lampson win District 14?
By T.J. Aulds
The Daily News
Published February 28, 2012

TEXAS CITY — Nick Lampson admitted he had grown comfortable wearing shirts sans a tie. On Monday, the former six-term congressman put on his “uniform” of a coat and tie and said he was ready to go back to Washington.

The question is, can a lifelong Democrat, who twice lost his congressional seats because the districts he represented were favorable to Republicans, win a seat held by the soon-to-be retired Rep. Ron Paul?

“Yes,” Lampson, 67, said after formally launching his campaign in Texas City on Monday afternoon. “I know I can do it.”

Lampson was first elected to congress in 1996, unseating conservative Steve Stockman in the 9th Congressional District. He remained in Congress for five terms until redistricting put him into a Republican-favored district, and he lost to Ted Poe.

Lampson returned to Washington in 2006 for one term in the 22nd Congressional District but only after former Majority Leader Tom DeLay resigned from office the summer before the election.

Lampson lost the seat to Pete Olson two years later. Now, he is back and ironically, thanks to a redrawn 14th Congressional district, has a shot.

“He has a good shot,” Rice University political science professor Robert Stein said. “I’m not saying he wins, but there’s a decent shot.”

Stein said Lampson has three things going for him.

“First, he has name ID,” Stein said. “People in that district, especially Jefferson County, know who he is.”

Second, the district is more favorable for Lampson. Its makeup does not lean as heavily Republican as others.

While the courts have yet to approve a Texas redistricting map, it appears unlikely the 14th District will change much, or at all, once a final map is chosen. The district also favors an unconventional-type candidate, Stein said.

While in office as a Republican, Paul is a Libertarian, “which, at times, looks more like a Democrat, especially on social issues and foreign policy,” Stein said.

And third?

“I don’t think it will be as bad a year for Democrats as we saw in 2010,” Stein said. “It’s not going to be a great year for Democrats, but it’s also not going to be a wipeout.”

Just six months ago, Lampson sounded like a man not interested in getting back into the game. Even as people called encouraging him to run, Lampson was reluctant.

Then he did a poll. It came back showing that in his home of Jefferson County — where he was tax assessor for many years — his favorable rating was about 84 percent, Lampson said.

“Then as I looked at the makeup of the district and how close it is to the old 9th District, (I) started thinking there may be a shot here,” he said.

Conservative blogger Todd Kinsey, of League City, agrees that the district is more favorable to a Lampson campaign. He said especially in Jefferson County and the rural parts of the district, Republicans are favored.

“I think Jefferson County will surprise a lot of people by going Republican in the vote,” Kinsey said. “Beaumont is the largest city, followed by League City and Galveston. (Heavily Republican) League City will cancel out (Democrat leaning) Beaumont, then it comes down to what happens in the country, and that probably goes Republican.”

With 10 candidates vying for the GOP nomination, Kinsey said five stand out as the front-runners.

State Representative Randy Weber, of Brazoria County, and Beaumont resident and state Republican Party executive committee member Michael Truncale are on Kinsey’s top tier list.

They are followed by tea party favorite Robert Gonzalez, of Friendswood, and auctioneer John Gay, of Dickinson, at the next tier.

Kinsey also said Jay Old, of Beaumont, has to be considered a top contender because of his fundraising ability. As of January, Old had raised more than $500,000, outpacing the others in the race.

Lampson is confident he can overcome the GOP bias of the electorate and his message will resonate with voters of the “moderate” or “middle-of-the-road” political persuasions, which he believes will be the difference at the polls in November.

“Sure, we can build a coalition,” Lampson said. “It’s going to be harder because we have literally backed up since I left. It was easier to create the Center Aisle (bipartisan Congressional) Caucus because there were more moderate members there.

“Those moderate members are the ones who are being defeated of late, further polarizing our Congress by electing further-to-the-left Democrats and further-to-the-right Republicans.”


via Can Lampson win District 14?.

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Returning from War

Boarding the plane for the long journey home. has an outstanding video of troops returning from a tour of duty. The video shows the troops walking down the jet-way after disembarking their plane and the people waiting at the gate burst into a heartfelt ovation. This of course brought back fond memories of my unit returning from Desert Storm.

We were the only unit from our post that deployed to the Middle East when Saddam rolled into Kuwait. On the way to Saudi Arabia we warranted our own 747 to get us in country as soon as possible. Conversely, after the war, since we were a unit of about 120 soldiers, there was no real hurry to send us home. We finally ended up hitching a ride with another unit the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

We landed in Bangor, Maine of all places before heading to Barksdale Air Force Base to board a bus for Fort Polk. To be honest, I had never heard of Bangor but it is the home town of renowned author Stephen King. Mr. King wanted to ensure that the soldiers returning from Desert Storm received the hero’s welcome they deserved rather than the disgraceful treatment our predecessors returning from Viet Nam endured.

The reception that Mr. King put on was amazing. I was one of the first soldiers off the plane and was immediately swamped by the friendly citizens of Bangor. Kids were asking for autographs, girls were coming up and hugging us, and of course we were able to imbibe our first cold malted beverage (beer) in quite some time.

The sense of pride that a reception like that instilled really cannot be put into words, at least by a novice like me, perhaps Mr. King could but the appropriate words fail me. To add to the shock, my family was waiting for me when we arrived at Fort Polk. My mom always tells me that was the best Mother’s Day ever.

It has been nearly twenty years since that fateful day and I would like to extend my everlasting gratitude to Mr. King and the residents of Bangor. You are all amazing Americans and I am proud to have served such wonderful people.

Now that we have been at war for over a decade, I know some people take the sacrifices that our brave men and women in uniform make for us on a daily basis. So when you see one of them the next time your out and about, please thank them for their service, I assure you it will make their day (and yours).

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Did Soros & Holder Blackmail Fox News to Cancel Glenn Beck’s Show?

Beck was relentless in pointing out George Soros' connection to President Obama. - Courtesy: Fox News

The Canada Free Press has an interesting story written by Cliff Kincaid about how George Soros was the driving force behind Glenn Beck being dismissed from Fox News.

I’d like to add another wrinkle to Kincaid’s story that I haven’t seen postulated elsewhere. If you’ll remember during the lead up to Beck’s departure from Fox News last summer, Fox Chief Rupert Murdoch was embroiled in a bribery scandal in Europe. Later that year, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Department of Justice would be launching its own investigation.

A couple of months go by with the usual media rabble-rousers making all kinds of ridiculous claims. Then, all of a sudden, the story just disappeared from the news with no explanation.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the story played out like this. The Department of Justice told Murdoch, you make Glenn Beck go away and we will make this investigation go away.

I have no proof of this but I know how politics work. The Obama administration has already proven to be the most corrupt in our nation’s history and if there is one thing you can count on a corrupt politician to be; that is corrupt.

What did Murdoch have to lose by getting rid of Beck? He’s still raking in the advertising dollars.

What did the DOJ have to gain by getting rid of Beck? They were able to silence the most vocal enemy of the president and his policies. The only loser was the American people.


Check out Kincaid’s article:

News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch Now Praises Soros, Private Investigator says Beck Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives; News Corporation Failed to Protect Employees, Forcing Beck’s Ouster

Glenn Beck Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives

- News on the Net  Saturday, January 28, 2012 - Cliff Kincaid

Kincaid recently learned of a private investigator, Douglas J. Hagmann, with information that the Soros role in Beck’s ouster was deeper and more insidious than previously realized. In order to further the public’s right to know as to how the First Amendment right of freedom of the press is being manipulated and subverted by covert forces in U.S. politics, Kincaid asked Hagmann, who is the CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc., and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network for permission to pass on this information. He has agreed, as long as the identities of the sources of information are deleted. There are several sources with information about strange goings-on at News Corporation in regard to the Glenn Beck matter, in which the most vulnerable of the news channel staff members have come under pressure not to report certain facts and information about President Obama personally. But Hagmann says the tipping point in the matter of Glenn Beck leaving the channel came when Beck began a series of programs on Soros, labeled by Beck the “Puppet Master” behind Obama and the progressive movement.

Hagmann informed Kincaid of the following:

via Glenn Beck Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives.

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Vote Democrat and Win Life’s Lottery


Throughout America’s history communists and socialists have camouflaged themselves and hidden behind seemingly innocuous words like progressive, new freedom, new dealer, liberal, and Democrat. This year, President Obama has recycled an oldie but a goodie to mask his socialist policies, the buzzword for his re-election campaign is “populist.”

You see, for more than a century, socialists knew that they had to hide behind the veil of secrecy because if anyone ever pulled back the curtain of truth and exposed them, the American people would reject their subversive policies every time, because they are decidedly un-American. They made a grave miscalculation when Barack Obama was elected president; they thought they could finally come out of the closet (pardon my faux pas), that America was finally ready to accept socialism. However, they couldn’t have been more wrong, Obama’s election awakened the American electorate like never before, and in 2010, the political pendulum made a decisive swing back to the right.

Recognizing that they have lost momentum and that they no longer control the debate, President Obama and the Democratic socialists are preparing to pull out all the stops to preserve their power.

Resorting to his community organizer roots, President Obama’s administration engineered the Occupy Wall Street movement as the opening salvo of his class warfare campaign designed to pit the American people against one another. The demonstrations we saw last fall were simply a dress rehearsal for what we will see during the upcoming presidential election. Imagine a bunch of radical left wing protesters demonstrating outside your polling location. What will that do to voter turnout?

Sadly, the young Occupy Wall Street protesters are nothing political cannon fodder for the Democratic socialists; a means to an end in a desperate attempt to preserve President Obama’s power.

The poor have always been targeted by the Democratic socialists. Time and again the proletariat, as the socialists like to refer to the poor, has been duped by the socialist’s grandiose promise of a Utopian society, where everything is equal, regardless of what you do or do not do for a living. All you have to do is cast your ballot for a Democrat and everything will be handed to you on a silver platter. Wow, I can have a rood over my head, food in my pantry, and money to spend all for something as trivial as a vote. Count me in!

The problem with this liberal get rich quick scheme is that the only one who ever seems to benefit are the politicians. Deceitful politicians prey upon the poor as if a vote for them is akin to winning the lottery. The problem with the premise that a politician can somehow grant someone wealth and success without ever having to work is in direct opposition to nature’s law, “for whatever a man sows, so shall he reap.”

In 2008, Americans flocked to the polls to cast their ballot for Barack Obama despite dire warnings from conservatives that he was a socialist. In the end, Obama steamrolled John McCain to become America’s first socialist president. The media couldn’t contain themselves, socialist propagandist Chris Matthew said “I felt this thrill running up my leg.” Americans who were tricked by the snake oil salesman took to the streets exclaiming things like; “I never thought this day would happen, I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage.”

After three years and well over $5 trillion in debt (and still growing) President Obama’s unprecedented spending has only exacerbated America’s ailing economy. The president’s policies have crippled the job market, real unemployment is north of 20-percent. The president actually promised that energy prices would skyrocket and they have, the price of gasoline has risen 83-percent since Obama took office. Something tells me that there are a lot of people worrying about how they are going to put gasoline in their car.

With nothing to point to in the way of success, the president is resorting to Marxism 101; blame the bourgeois, which is to say the evil rich people, claiming that they are not paying their fair share. Since they control the propaganda machine know as the mainstream media, most Americans swallow this political bilge without giving it a second thought. After all, why would a politician lie?

Of course the Democratic socialists will not tell you that America already has a massively unbalanced “progressive” tax system, ranging from 0 percent to 36 percent, and that only half the population pays any federal taxes.

No, the Democratic socialists want you to believe that you cannot change your circumstances, that achieving success on your own is little more than a foolish dream. The Democrats don’t want you to know that the American dream is alive and well. In fact, according to the book The Millionaire Next Door, over eighty-percent of the millionaires in America are self made. The majority of these millionaires have one thing in common, they own their own business. To contrast this even further: according to best selling author Robert Kiyosaki, the odds of becoming a millionaire playing the lottery is 12,000,000 to 1, however, the odds of becoming a millionaire by starting your own business is only 1,000 to 1. That’s right, one person out of every thousand is a millionaire, maybe your next door neighbor.

Unfortunately, socialist politicians have used this despicable class warfare ruse with great success over the years. They feed upon the human desire blame someone else for their lot in life. Regrettably the poor continue to fall for this political charade which has never done anything but spread misery in direct proportion to the size of the government they’ve elected.

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This is what passes for journalism today

We are now on the verge of having government controlled media.

The Daily Caller has a brilliant article by Matt Lewis exposing at least eight major exaggerations or outright lies in a Reuters article on Senator Marco Rubio.

For years the mainstream media has become little more than a propaganda arm for the Democrat party. They say anything they want without fear of reprisal because the only media alternatives for conservatives are Fox News, talk radio and the internet.

Since taking office, the Obama administration has been using the FCC to take these outlets away from the American people, soon there will be nothing left but state controlled media.


Check out Matt Lewis’ article here: Reuters’ hit on Rubio contains errors | The Daily Caller.

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Obama, “Everyone Must Pay Their Fair Share.” – IRS Reveals 36 Obama Aides Owe Back Taxes

Andrew Malcolm has an ironic story over at that shines the light of truth on an ever more hypocritical Democrat Party.

President Obama has made “paying their fair share” the cornerstone of his re-election bid (because he can’t point to any real success), yet the president has 36 staffers who are behind on their taxes.

The president believes that Americans are dumb enough to buy into his blatant class warfare. He thinks that Americans don’t know that we already have a massively unbalanced progressive tax system where only 47-percent of our citizens pay any federal taxes at all.

The president even had the gall to target presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in his State of the Union address. If you’re a regular reader, you know I am no fan of Mitt Romney but the president’s ad hominem attack against Romney during the State of the Union was beyond pathetic. Again, he is assuming that Americans are ignorant and don’t understand that Romney’s income, like Warren Buffet’s, comes from investment income which has already been taxed. That tax is called the capital gains tax and differs from the federal income tax which is paid on new income in the form of salary.

The president also forgot to mention that Romney gave 140-percent more of his income to charity than President Obama did but that’s another story (By the way, Vice President Biden gave a whopping $369 to charity).

I’ve got an idea, maybe the Occupy Wall Street protesters should go demonstrate in each of these staffer’s yards until they pay their taxes like a good socialist… I mean Democrat should.


You can check out the article here: As Obama demands rich Americans pay more in taxes, the IRS reveals 36 Obama aides are far behind in their taxes by Andrew Malcolm –

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Why Don’t Conservatives Like Romney? Because He’s a Progressive


Could Sen. Marco Rubio be America's next great leader? - Courtesy: UPI

Red State has an article about why the Republican base does not like Mitt Romney and why the Media doesn’t report it. The answer is really quite simple; Romney is a “progressive” cut from the same cloth as President Obama.

Logically one should ask, why is the mainstream media is championing a Republican candidate at all? There are only two reasons they would do so; the first is that a Romney nomination will reduce voter turnout, because conservatives will stay home, thus insuring an Obama victory. The second is, in the event that Romney actually wins, Romney will continue to “progress” America down the road to ruin with socialist policies because he is essentially Obama Light.

While I am not particularly enamored with any of the candidates left in the race, Gingrich is now my man now that Cain and Perry have called it quits.

We conservatives are left to dream of another Reagan but unfortunately, there have only been a handful of great presidents in America’€™s history, and other than Sen. Marco Rubio, I don’t see anyone on the political horizon that has that kind of potential.

Think about it, truly great leaders, the kind that live forever in the annals of history don’t come along very often. Men that transcend all others, whether good or evil, typically only come along once in a lifetime. America has had more than her fair share of great leaders given the relative young age of our country compared to the rest of the world. Since Reagan was president when I was a teenager, in fact he was my commander-in-chief when I joined the Army, I can only pray that America has another great leader during my lifetime.

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Allen West: “When I see Obama 2012 bumper stickers, I really worry about the gene pool.”

Could Rep. Allen West be our next Vice President?

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All of Life is Politics

The Merovingian from the Matrix trilogy

My apologies for being away so long, I have a tendency to go through periods where I simply don’t feel like writing. Coincidentally, or maybe not, my break coincided with our internet going down for about a week during the Christmas holidays. With family visiting it made it even easier to get out of the habit of writing.

Usually these down times are accompanied by periods where I read voraciously and this time was no different. Aside from studying the Book of Matthew, I read five books and bits and pieces of others. Emerson postulated that a true scholar reads for inspiration to stimulate his own thinking and then expounds upon them with his own writing. Prior to my extended break I had been in a period where I was writing quite a bit although much of it was for my own edification, perhaps I’ll share some of it at a later date once I’ve codified my thoughts.

Interestingly enough, it was an article in the Washington Times which referenced one of my posts that spurred me back to my keyboard.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about philosophy especially as it relates to politics. The two are so intertwined it’s hard to actually separate them. I like to think of philosophy in its simplest terms which is essentially how a person thinks and perceives the world around them.

Personally, politics has become much more than those that govern using their power to influence us to their way of thinking, which is their philosophy. Politics pervades all aspects of our lives; there’s marital politics, office politics, club politics, and so on.

One of my favorite movies is the Matrix trilogy. These movies brilliant weave politics, philosophy and religion together. One of the characters is the Merovingian who has many brilliant quotes but one of my favorite is “choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.”

Think about the last few years of federal politics. We have politicians voting for legislation without reading or having any earthly idea of what it includes simply because they agree with a certain philosophical bent. Even though polling showed that an overwhelming majority of Americans didn’t want Obamacare to be passed, those with power tried to make us think they were listening but in the end, it was an illusion and they simply crammed it down our collective throats.

All of life has become political. Our government and media have colluded to dumb down the population so that the common person cannot answer the most basic questions about current events. If you ever listen to Sean Hannity’s Man on the Street interviews, where he interviews random people on the street, you will be blown away at the ignorance of the general population. Sadly they can probably tell you all about the latestHollywood gossip or the scores to last night’s game but they can’t tell you a thing about what’s going on in the country.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge sports fan too, I ranked in the top five-percent picking NFL games against the spread on ESPN’s Pigskin Pick ‘em the last two years. There’s nothing wrong with having other interests outside of politics but it saddens me that so few people are involved in the process. Hundreds of thousands of men have died to provide us with freedom and it is an insult to their memory not to exercise your most basic duty as an American… Be informed and vote.

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The truth about the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act

Rep. John Culberson (TX-07) is one of the few in Congress that is fighting to do what's right.

The talking heads on television and some of the more dubious members of Congress, chief among them are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, are out spreading all sorts of misinformation about the Middle Class and Job Creation Act. Fortunately there are still a few principled members who are actually trying to do what’s best for the American people. Rep. John Culberson (TX-07) has distinguished himself as a true patriot, whether it was posting twitter updates live from the House floor during the Obamacare debate or penning this brilliant article on the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act:

This is not complicated.  The House bill keeps everyone’s payroll taxes stable for one year.  The Senate bill allows everyone’s taxes to go up in two months.

“The House bill requires people who get an unemployment check to prove they are looking for work or completing a GED or college degree.  The Senate took this out.

“The House bill allows states to require you to submit to a drug test to receive unemployment benefits.  The Senate took this out.

“The House bill permits business owners to immediately expense 100 percent of new investments, dollar-for-dollar, in the current year tax return.  The Senate took this out.

“The House bill protects American industrial boiler manufacturers from being shut down by unachievable Obama EPA restrictions.  The Senate took this out.

“The House bill stops welfare recipients from using their Lone Star-type cards at ATM machines in casinos, strip clubs and liquor stores.  The Senate took this out.

“The House bill cuts off unemployment and food stamps payments to millionaires.  The Senate took this out.

“The House bill requires people to produce a Social Security number before receiving a refundable child tax credit.  The Senate took this out.

“The House bill protects doctors from a 27 percent cut in Medicare reimbursement payments for two years.  The Senate only protects them for two months.

“These are dramatic and important differences that are unacceptable under any common sense standard.  I agree with Speaker Boehner that we should always do the right thing for the right reason.  The House bill is the right thing for the right reason.

“We must follow the rules everyone learned in Civics 101.  When there is a difference in the bills in the House and the Senate, we go to Conference to work them out as soon as possible.  I am ready to do just that and I am prepared to stay for as long as it takes to make sure that no one’s taxes go up; and we preserve as many of the House-passed common sense provisions as possible.”

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Jeremy Shockey Slams Houston Texans Players For Poor National Anthem Etiquette

I’m glad Jermey Shockey called out Texans players for not showing at least basic courtesy during the National Anthem prior to yesterdays game. I realize this is America and they are free to do as they like but Shockey is free to call them out about it.

Shockey is a true patriot in my book and I am proud to call him a fellow American and Floridian even if he is a Cane.

(Yes, I know he’s orginally from OK but he claims FL as his residence now.)


HOUSTON (The Blaze/AP) — Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey criticized members of the Houston Texans for not putting their hands over their hearts during the national anthem, calling their inaction “kind of offensive.”

Shockey says he saw “about 10 players” who didn’t do the traditional gesture when the anthem is played, and he told some of them how he felt during Carolina’s 28-13 victory.

“I was pretty upset in the way they weren’t showing respect to America during the national anthem,” Shockey said. “This is America and you should at least give respect to America.”

Shockey‘s rant came in response to a reporter’s question about the Texans’ defense.

“This is America and this is just a game and they should not only be very proud of this country, but very gifted to be living here,” Shockey said. “Maybe they just forgot to do it or something, but I don’t see how you could forget to do that.”

At least one of the Texans shot back following Shockey’s comments.

“If he’s so patriotic, why was he looking at our bench instead of the flag?” said linebacker DeMeco Ryans. “Where did he come up with the number 10? Was he counting? Why was he paying attention to us during the national anthem?”

Shockey sports a red, white and blue tattoo on his right biceps portraying a bald eagle draped in an American flag. He caught a 9-yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton in Sunday’s game, then pointed at linebacker DeMeco Ryans and appeared to yell at him and cornerback Jason Allen.

via Jeremy Shockey Slams Houston Texans Players For Poor National Anthem Etiquette |

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The day that Freedom died! U.S. House members banned from using “Merry Christmas” in correspondence

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are being censored by the congressional franking commission which monitors all official correspondence. The commission will not allow any outgoing letters which contain the phrase “Merry Christmas” to be mailed, in doing so, members of Congress are having their First Amendment rights trampled into the ground.

This is yet another usurpation of freedom and liberty in the ongoing war between the left and Christians. A member of Congress wishing someone a Merry Christmas in no way establishes a national religion which is what the Constitution expressly prohibits.

Christians and patriots must start taking a stand against these blatant infringements upon our Constitutionally protected rights or we will cease to exist as a free nation.


The congressional franking commission that reviews all congressional mail is taking a stand against Members of the House of Representatives writing holiday greetings. Fox News reports that Hill staffers tell the Washington Examiner that mail with greetings such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year,” has been barred by the franking commission:

“According to the Washington Examiner, members who submit official mailings for review by the congressional franking commission that reviews all congressional mail to determine if it can be ‘franked,’ or paid for with tax dollars, are being told that no holiday greetings, including ‘Merry Christmas,’ can be sent.

‘I called the commission to ask for clarification and was told no ’Merry Christmas.‘ Also told cannot say ’Happy New Year‘ but can say ’have a happy new year’ – referencing the time period of a new year, but not the holiday,’ a Hill staffer who requested anonymity told the paper.”

A December 12 memo from the “Franking Commission Staff” concerning “Holiday Messaging,” sent to Members reads:

“Members are unable at the current time to use official resources to record holiday greetings, post on social media/website, or send to constituents in franked mail or e-communications.

Expenses related to the purchase or distribution of greetings, including holiday celebrations, condolences, and congratulations for personal distinctions (wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), are not reimbursable.”

Franking Manual:

4(a). Example of Nonfrankable Items

-Birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, retirement or condolence messages and holiday greetings are prohibited.”

You may make reference to the season as a whole using language along the lines of ‘Have a safe and happy holiday season.’ It may only be incidental to the piece rather than the primary purpose of the communication.”

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Lowe‘s pulling ads from All American Muslim is not bigotry, it’s good business

Brain Dead Liberals

Brain dead liberals protesting Lowe's decision to save money by not advertising on one of the lowest rated shows on television.

Home improvement giant Lowe’s has been taking some heat from liberal media outlets, opportunist politicians and civil rights organizations for pulling its ads from the reality show All American Muslim. The Blaze is reporting that about one hundred people protested outside a Detroit area Lowe’s yesterday, which is where the reality show is located.

First and foremost, this is America and a company is free to choose when and where to spend its advertising dollars. That being said, the company’s decision to pull its ads from the poorly rated cable television show, is simply a good business decision; not the blatant bigotry that the protesters are asserting.

That’s right, according to the Hollywood Reporter, TLC’s reality show the All American Muslim is one of the lowest rated shows on television. The show ranks a dismal 78th on the day in which it airs, with a paltry .3 share and less than a million viewers.

Anyone who looks at this objectively will see that Lowe’s made a good business decision and is not engaged in any type of bigotry.

Perhaps these people, who are feigning outrage, should protest against groups like Media Matters who are leading the cabal against Fox News to convince companies not to advertise on top rated cable giant. Then again, that would actually make sense, so I know a liberal would never do that.

You can read more on the protest @ the Blaze: Protesters Descend on Lowe‘s for Pulling its Ads From ’All-American Muslim’ | Video |

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How does a third world country like Iran steal a top-secret drone?

How does a country that's over a century behind us technologically hack into encrypted military hardware and steal a top secret military drone?

Karl Denninger has a very interesting post at his site the Market Ticker where he lays out just how difficult it would be for a third world country like Iran to steal a top secret, encrypted drone.

His piece simply led me to ask even more questions and none of the answers are good.

  • How did a backwards country like Iran develop the technology to hack into top-secret, military GPS hardware and steal our drone?
  • Did China, Pakistan or Russia assist them with this technology?
  • Were they (China, Russia & Pakistan) able to derive this technology from the top-secret helicopter that SEAL Team 6 abandoned without destroying it first when they killed Osama?
  • Were they ordered not to destroy the helicopter by our Commander-in-Chief?

In my experience, soldiers are given incendiary grenades which are used to destroy sensitive encryption devices so that at least sensitive systems are destroyed and won’t fall into enemy hands. I personally have a hard time believing that no one from either the helicopter crew or the SEAL team took the few seconds it would take to pull the pin on one of these grenades and destroy the top secret equipment aboard these helicopters. More than likely, the incendiary grenades would have started a fire and completely destroyed the helicopter and wouldn’t have given our secrets to our enemies.

Here’s the link to Karl’s article:  Eh, Not So Good Iran And The Drone in [Market-Ticker].

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N.Y. teens suspended for Tebowing in school hallway


New York Teens suspended for praying at school.


The left in America continues to wage war against Christianity, and, in doing so, demonstrates a pathetic understanding of the Constitution. A few teenagers who decide to exercise their Constitutional right pray, even if it is at school, does not establish a national religion that everyone must follow. Yahoo Sports has the rest of the article:

N.Y. teens suspended for Tebowing in school hallwayBy Cameron SmithJust when everyone thought the trend of “Tebowing” had reached its zenith in the greater cultural Zeitgeist, it finds a way to completely jump the shark: On Wednesday, a group of high school athletes at a Long Island school were suspended for staging a spontaneous bout of Tebowing in their high schools hallway.According to Connor Carroll, a senior at Riverhead N.Y. High on the North Fork of Long Island, the Riverhead administration handed out one-day suspensions to four student athletes after a group of Riverhead students decided to spontaneously hold a group Tebowing session in the school.

Tebowing, a relatively harmless act which emerged amidst the rapid rise of the Denver Broncos quarterback, is meant to be an homage to the second-year passers religiously focused touchdown celebrations. No sooner had Tebow used his one knee celebration than the Internet exploded with impromptu Tebow copycats, filling the void created when planking became passé.

via N.Y. teens suspended for Tebowing in school hallway – Prep Rally – High School Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

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Send the American Atheists & the ACLU a Christmas Card

By now, most conservatives have received an email with the subject line, send a Christmas card to the ACLU, or something similar. While I think this is a good idea, the American Atheists (AA) are now the organization that is leading the crusade against Christianity.

Last year the AA made headlines with their You Know its a Myth billboard which featured a Nativity scene with the three wise men riding up to the manger on camels.

Last year the American Atheists ran this billboard along one of the busiest highways in America.

This year the AA has upped the ante with a billboard that reads, 37 Million Americans Know Myths when they see them, juxtaposed with photos of Jesus, Satan, Poseidon and Santa Claus.

This year the American Atheists upped the ante comparing Christmas to Satan.

Of course these are the same hypocritical people who tell Christians, who make up about 75% of the population, that we must be tolerant of homosexuality, pornography and any number of other things we find offensive yet they will not tolerate something as simple as a Cross adorning a soldier’s grave. Never mind that the soldier is a Christian, the American Atheists and their allies in the ACLU and Democrat Party cry foul stating that a Cross is somehow state sponsored Religion.

So when you’re sending out your Christmas cards this year, send one to the American Atheists and one to the ACLU:

American Atheists
225 Cristiani Street
Cranford, NJ 07016
American Civil Liberties Union
125 Broad Street
18th Floor
New York, NY 10004
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Tim Tebow Should Ignore Kurt Warner’s Advice

When star quarterback Tim Tebow wrote John 3:16 on his eye-black, over 94 million people performed internet searches for the Bible verse.

Former NFL Christian poster-boy Kurt Warner has some rather surprising advice for Broncos star quarterback Tim Tebow, “I’d tell him (Tebow), put down the boldness in regards to the words, and keep living the way you’re living.”

Evidently Kurt Warner has forgotten that the Bible instructs Christians to put God first in their lives. Moreover, followers of the Gospel should bare witness and share their faith with others. Tim Tebow has made no secret that he believes that God blessed him with the talent and ability to play football, and that he was going to use football as a vehicle to share his Faith with the world.

The only people who seem to be getting bent out of shape over Tebow sharing his faith are a few media hacks and some never-were’s like Jake Plumber. Something tells me if you asked these media types their political persuasion and you’d have all the information you need about their lack of faith.

Despite what the media may have you believe, the overwhelming majority of Americans consider themselves to be Christian. To show you the influence that Tebow wields, a few years ago, while playing for the University of Florida, Tebow sported John 3:16 on his eye-black during the BCS National Championship Game. More than 94 million people searched for that Bible verse on Google. That’s about one-third of the population; talk about a marketer’s dream.

The vocal minority that is being critical of Tebow is the same faction that is supporting the global war on Christianity. Make no mistake about it, groups like the ACLU, the American Atheists, and to a large extent, the Democratic Party, have all been chiseling away at Christianity for the last half century.

I for one am proud that Tim Tebow is using his fame in support of Christianity. I am proud that my sons consider him a role model. I am proud that my son comes home from his Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings talking about “how moving it was to be a part of over a hundred guys down on their knees praying.” I’m thankful that Tim Tebow probably had a little something to do with that.

In this day and age, when athletes are running dog fighting rings, shooting themselves with guns at night clubs, and celebrating a touchdown when their team is still down by three touchdowns, like Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Jason Avant did this weekend against the Patriots.

Perhaps Mr. Warner has strayed from the path, only he and God know for sure. He would probably be better served to spend a little more time reading the Bible and trying to walk the path as bravely as Tim Tebow does than criticizing the man for taking a few seconds to share his faith.

God bless you Tim.






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Gingrich Schools CBS News’ Scott Pelly

GOP presidential front-runner, Newt Gingrich put CBS News' Scott Pelly in his place. - Image:

A couple of weeks ago the Republican presidential candidates were in South Carolina for another in the ongoing series of debates. CBS News was hosting this debate and chose Scott Pelly to serve as moderator.

CBS received considerable flak from several of the GOP candidates because Pelly essentially ignored a few of the candidates. Pelly also showed considerable liberal bias; who would have expected that? The only objective reporter left at any of the network news organizations is Jake Tapper, but I digress.

Pelly often became contentious with the candidates, and in the clip below, GOP presidential front-runner Newt Gingrich was having none of it:

Courtesy: Stage Right Show

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World’s Largest Bank Pandering to Occupy Wall Street Movement

ING, the world’s largest bank has either sided with the radical left-wing Occupy Wall Street movement or they are making the ultimate capitalist statement by trying to lure these extremists to their bank so they can bilk them for what little money they have. Either way, ING would have been better served marketing their services to people who actually have jobs, and therefore money, rather than wasting their time and money marketing to the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

George Zimmer at the Men’s Wearhouse should have thought of that before he sided with people who will never wear suits.

It appears ING has decided to back the radical left-wing OWS movement.

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Obama Delays Shale Drilling, Costs 200,000 Jobs

Joel Gehrke at the Washington Examiner just posted a story reporting that the Obama administration has put the kibosh on shale drilling which will also prevent 200,000 jobs from being created.

President Obama's policies are killing jobs in America, increasing our dependence on foreign oil, and driving up energy prices when Americans can least afford it.

Here on the Gulf Coast we have already felt the full brunt of Obama’s anti-petroleum policies. In the wake of the British Petroleum oil disaster the president shut down all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and thus far only one rig has resumed drilling. The president made this unilateral despite the fact that no American companies have ever had a spilling the Gulf.

According to a recent report by the Heritage Foundation, the president’s  stance on fossil fuels has cost the Gulf Coast an estimated 20,000 jobs and cut domestic energy production by a quarter-million barrels per day, further increasing America’s dependence on foreign oil and driving up energy prices when America can least afford it.

President Obama and Vice President Biden have been touting their desire to create jobs and get the economy moving again but when they have a chance to put people back to work and lower energy costs they do everything in their power to prevent it.

Check out Joel’s article Obama USDA delays shale drilling, up to 200k jobs

President Obama’s United States Department of Agriculture has delayed shale gas drilling in Ohio for up to six months by cancelling a mineral lease auction for Wayne National Forest (WNF). The move was taken in deference to environmentalists, on the pretext of studying the effects of hydraulic fracturing.

“Conditions have changed since the 2006 Forest Plan was developed,” announced WNF Supervisor Anne Carey on Tuesday. “The technology used in the Utica & Marcellus Shale formations need to be studied to see if potential effects to the surface are significantly different than those identified in the Forest Plan.” The study will take up to six months to complete. The WNF study reportedly “will focus solely on how it could affect forest land,” despite the significance of hydraulic fracturing to united proponents of the delay, “and not how it could affect groundwater.”

Speaking of the WNF gas drilling, one environmentalist group spokesman suggested that moving forward with drilling “could turn the Ohio Valley into Ozone Alley,”  even though Wayne National Forest already has nearly 1300 oil and gas wells in operation.

via Obama USDA delays shale drilling, up to 200k jobs | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner.

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Democrats Take Partisan Politics to a New Low

Done right, pizza can be extremely nutritious: with carbohydrates, protein, dairy, and vegetables to fuel the body.

Despite the Democratic National Committee sinking to a new low in partisan politics, Congress voted to keep the FDA’s current school lunch guidelines in place. The DNC sent out the letter below in hopes that Congress would adopt First Lady Michelle Obama’s food standards.

Fortunately House Republicans recognize that the Federal Government has no business playing parent to our nation’s children.

Any parent who has had lunch with their child will probably tell you that there’s a great deal of room for improvement in both the quality and the nutritional value of school lunches. That being said, it is up to parents to educate their children about eating the right foods not the government.

As we’ve seen, Michelle Obama and her hubby eat more than their fair share of junk food so why should they tell anyone else what their kids should eat?

If parents want to change the quality of the food served in their school districts they simply need to gather a coalition and engage the school district much like world renowned chef Jamie Oliver is doing with his Food Revolution. Our illustrious leaders have enough on their plates trying to pull America out of the second Great Depression without heaping on something as trivial as school lunches.


Todd –

House Republicans are ramming through legislation this week to classify pizza as a “vegetable” for the purpose of school lunches.

Why? Because a massive lobbying effort of Republican lawmakers by the frozen pizza industry, among other corporate interests, is underway to get around Obama Administration guidelines to make school lunches contain healthier options.

In this Republican Congress, almost anything is up for sale to the highest bidder and most powerful lobbyists — including the literal definition of the word “vegetable” — and this time, it’s coming at the expense of our kids’ health.

This is business as usual for some in Washington, but shining a spotlight on it can stop it.

Sign this petition and spread the word: Pizza isn’t a vegetable.

Look, we could have a lot of fun with this one. But the fact is that there is a very real bottom line: Childhood obesity has tripled in the past three decades. And for some kids, school lunches are some of the best nutrition options they have during the day.

School lunches are hard to change — and it doesn’t take a doozy like “pizza is a vegetable” to know that the corporate interests have more money and more Washington lobbyists than kids do. That’s why pizza was classified as a vegetable during the Bush years. The Obama administration made that common-sense change, but the Republican Congress wants to take us back to the money-for-influence status quo.

If you think this is as ridiculous as we do, tell the GOP that it’s time they started picking real people over corporations (and real vegetables over slices of pizza, for that matter):



Brad Woodhouse
Communications Director
Democratic National Committee

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Is Obama Using Labor Unions to Orchestrate Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Wall Street movement has strong ties to labor unions and White House.

Nearly two centuries ago men like Karl Mark and Friedrich Engel’s began laying the repulsive foundations of Socialism. One of the key tenets that emerged from this scourge upon society was the birth of the labor union.

In the hands of tyrannous men like Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong labor unions became an instrument for them to wield power and topple the pillars of capitalism. By orchestrating nationwide strikes, the Bolsheviks were able to create enough discord to finally topple the Russian government and usher in a century of communist terror upon the world.

Although labor unions have never been very popular inAmerica, their leaders are now using many of the same tactics and rhetoric that the communist leaders used to topple the governments of Russia and China. In doing so, these governments became some of the most oppressive and murderous regimes in world history.

In fact, we have a president that has been in bed with the labor unions so long, he has become a prostitute to their causes. Labor union leaders such as Andy Stern, who once headed the radical SEIU, and Richard Trumka, who heads the AFL-CIO, are among the top visitors to the White House. While Stern topped the list, Trumka boasted that he speaks with the Obama Administration daily and visits several times per week.

According to a recent report by the New York Times, both of these unions publicaly expressed their support for and participated in the Occupy Wall Street protests. In fact, the SEIU has been directly tied to organizing the Occupy movement. With this level of collusion existing between the Obama Administration and these radical labor unions; is there any reason to doubt that the White House may actually be orchestrating these seditious left-wing protests? After all, this is what a community organizer does.

Still not convinced? Check out this video from Obama Isn’t Working and see how dirty and underhanded these radical labor unions can be.

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Occupy Movement Getting Ready for Spring Offensive


Enthusiasm for the Occupy Wall Street seems to be seriously waning in direct correlation to the falling temperatures.


As many conservative experts have predicted, myself included, this year’s Occupy Insert City Here Movement appears to be a dry run for creating havoc during the pivotal 2012 election year. At a rally on Friday, leaders of the radical left-wing movement highlighted plans for next year including squatting in government owned and foreclosed houses which is happening in many cities already.

A community organizer for a group called “Occupy the Land” discussed his groups plan in the future to wage a a campaign of organized squatting and eviction prevention through protest action. The speaker called housing a “human right,” and made the following claims in his speech:

“When we move people into vacant and government owned and foreclosed homes, we do eviction defenses to physically block police… the banks are occupying our homes, we are liberating them for human beings to use… advancing the human right to housing. Housing is a fundamental human right, if corporations want to make their profit, people can’t have a place to live…the human right to housing supersedes the right of corporations to make a profit.”

via Occupy Veterans Day Rally: Getting Ready for ‘Spring 2012 Offensive’ |

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