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The Dance of the Spirits

Dance-of-the-SpiritsA few weeks ago, Catherine Aerie contacted me to see if I had any interest in reviewing her book. At the time I had a bit of a backlog of books that I had agreed to review for other writers and my local library¬†(those reviews are coming…).

She was very understanding and told me her book was a love story that centered on the Korean War which piqued my interest even further. So I told her if she could wait a couple of weeks I’d be happy to give her book a review.

One of the reasons I’m posting her review on my site before some of the others that I’ve read in recent weeks is that I so thoroughly enjoyed her book. All of my reviews appear at Goodreads and Amazon as well but this is my site, so I post them when I have the time.

I should mention The Dance of the Spirits is not a book about combat, it is first and foremost a powerful love-story and the Korean War happens to be the backdrop. Aerie also weaves in a fair bit of politics and philosophy throughout her novel leaving the reader to decide where they stand. This is one of the hallmarks of a gifted writer and something I appreciated.

Author Catherine Aerie writes with tremendous passion and gripping emotion. Her characters will quickly find a lasting place in your heart. She ably moves back and forth in time setting the stage for each new drama that unfolds.

Her writing style was very much reminiscent of early Ayn Rand in her outstanding debut novel We the Living.

Both books show, with horrifying clarity, the evil perils of communism; Rand’s in Soviet Russia and Aerie’s in China and North Korea.

Treat yourself to this wonderful love story, you won’t be disappointed.

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